Screens for Any Door!

Screens for Single Doors

Reel Screens can accommodate almost any door, even a single door. Indeed, single doors are our number one seller.  Whether your door is an in-swing, out-swing, or a sliding door, a retractable Reel Screen will enhance the functionality of the door allowing easy entrance and exit while keeping the pests out.



  • Height:  Up to 9 feet    
  • Width:  from 2 to 5 feet

Screens for Double and French Doors

Dictionaries define a French Door as "a door, usually one of a pair, of light construction with glass panes extending for most of its length."  While this description is technically correct, it is quite lacking in truly describing what a French Door really is.  The beauty of French Doors is most apparent when both doors are open. The gentle breeze and open feeling they provide is like no other. Reel Screens allows you the full use of the doors the way they were intended to be used - open.   When the doors are in their closed position, the Reel Screens are neatly tucked away, virtually out of sight. 


NOTE:  Many homes are now equipped with what we call a faux French Door - one side of the door is permanently fixed and the other side opens.  We consider this a single door.



  • Height:  up to 9 feet    
  • Width:  from 4 to 9 feet

Screens for Sliding Doors

Our retractable screens seamlessly blend into the door casement, even with patio sliders. We attach our retractable screen to the center post of the fixed door.  In this way,  you now have a screen that is just there when you need it.  No longer do you have your view from one side of the door cluttered by an old, dirty stationary screen.



  • Height:  up to 9 feet
  • Width:  2 to 5 feet (open side)

Screens for Entry Doors

Many homes have beautiful, expensive entry doors.  The last thing you would want to do is to obscure this beauty with a conventional screen door.  Let us at Reel Screens of Raleigh show you how we can make your entry door more functional and still maintain its class.  Also consider a retractable screen for your garage entry door!


  • Height:  up to 9 feet
  • Width:  up to 5 feet